Good Health Farm uses simple, traditional methods that combine natural wholesome ingredients to create a range of tasty & nutritious, whole plant-based foods.

With over 100 years combined experience, a group of food industry leaders from Malaysia, Singapore & Australia joined together with a shared vision of healthy people, living on a healthy planet. We believe the greatest impact a person can make to the health of the planet and themselves is to switch to a plant-based diet – we make it easy! Our purpose is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of a plant-based diet across Asia.

Our story begins in Ipoh, according to TripAdvisor ‘The British colonial city of Ipoh had humble beginnings, but has blossomed into a beautiful cityscape that marries old-world charm with modern amenities. This is a foodie’s city, offering endless street stalls & restaurants all eager to serve up a sample of mouthwatering local fare. Walk it all off on a jaunt through breathtaking limestone caves that seem carved by the capable hands of a higher power.’

We think Ipoh is Asia’s No.1 ‘Plant-Based Foodie’ destination. Ipoh has a diverse, multi-cultural population that includes Malay, Chinese and Indian communities and a long history of vegetarianism dating back to early last century. Ipoh is a constant source of inspiration for our team, there are over 100 vegetarian restaurants within a 10km radius of Good Health Farm HQ, serving a delicious array of some of the best plant-based meat dishes you will find anywhere in the world.

Our proprietary plant-based meat processing system is designed to overcome barriers to adoption, including: Low CAPEX scaling / simple processing / high nutrition / low COGs / great taste & texture.

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